Call for Research Consultant Services for Project MC5.01/B15 Support to the Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards (AFRICSIS)

The International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) and partners are implementing an EU Funded Project entitled MC5.01/B15 Support to the Southern African States in Nuclear Safety and Safeguards. The project is expected to strengthen and harmonize the nuclear regulatory framework in the participating countries for sustainable uranium mining, milling,processing, and associated transport. In addition, it is expected to support the development of a regional regulatory framework on uranium transport safety by strengthening the capacity of Southern African Development Community (SADC) to coordinate and serve its Member States with regard to nuclear safety, security and safeguards.

AFRICSIS and ISTC have signed a Contract Agreement for AFRICSIS to manage and implement the Project’s Work Packet 3 (WP3). The WP3 is an in-depth, detailed analysis of the states of affairs on nuclear safety and security in general and nuclear material transportation safety in particular in the four target countries and in the broader region.The regional case study should be based on the findings of the country-specific reports. It should contain comparative analysis of the existing state of affairs in the entire region. Also, it should offer recommendation for possible approximation of the legal and normative frameworks, harmonization of the policies and standardization of the applied control procedures.

The consultant shall review national legal framework, national policy, and institutional mechanisms – established and in progress – on nuclear safety, safeguards, and security. Also, the consultant will analyze why gaps exist and how Project MC5.01/B15, with the support of SADC Secretariat, can strengthen the long term national and regional capabilities of responsible authorities and the administrative infrastructures. She/he will further analyze how Project MC5.01/B15 can facilitate the harmonization of the regional nuclear regulatory framework through durable cooperation, increased communication, and interaction among participating states. The consultant may be expected to attend planning and project meetings at a chosen date and location as well as engage in regional travel when so required.
The consultant will work under the overall supervision of the Director, Research and Development, AFRICSIS and in collaboration with the Manager of Project MC5.01/B15, ISTC Secretariat, and designated national competent authority team, and SADC Secretariat Lead.

You will find more info in pdf file below


Deadline: Please send your expression of interest as soon as possible, but not after September 28, 2018 to: Gha Anita Project Coordinator, AFRICSIS Please quote "Project MC5.01/B15: WP3 Case Study Research" on the subject line.

For detail and application process, please contact Mr. Hubert Foy, Director
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